Sahra's Within Joy program on Wisdom & Intuition Network


FEBRUARY ~~Tuesday Feb 10, 2015:
Join Sahra to explore Joy in all realms !

Your questions are encouraged!


Follow this link to the live program on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6:00pm Pacific Time, 7:00pm Mountain, 8:00pm Central, 9:00pm Eastern.

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Introduction to Within Joy with Sahra Alexander~ by Cyndi Silva

Cyndi Silva, founder of the Wisdom & Intuition Network, in an in-depth interview with Sahra about the Within Joy philosophy and practice.  Special Meditation included!
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January 2015

Coming Back to Your Self
with guest OptiMystic Rebecca Fisk, WIN Partner
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February 2015

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January 2014
Your Multi-Dimensional Self
with guest Jill Annacenturia, shaman practitioner 
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February 2014
Going for the Gold Within You with Sahra
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March 2014
Awakening Your Inner Oracle
with guest, medium, sound healer, Oracle Trinity Thomas
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April 2014
Conversation and readings
with guest Corinne Lillie, medium and channel
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May 2014
Sahra & Corinne Lillie continue last month's talk on
Our Divine Communications
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June 2014
The Worthwhile Journey to Joy
with Sahra
Click to Play ~ Part 1, Part 2

July 2014
TAGA Healing w/Ancestors Guides Angels
with Becca Thompson
Click to Play ~ Part 1, Part 2

August 2014
The Channel of Light / Energy from Star Nations and Other Realms
with facilitator Carrie Ann Smith
Click to Play ~ Part 1, Part 2

September 2014

Intuitive Guidance ~ Questions? and Answers!
with Sahra

Click to Play ~ Part 1, Part 2

October 2014

Gateway of Awakening: 5th Dimensional Galactic Codes for Living Joyfully
with Oracle Ava Adams

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November 2014

Joyful Intuitive Nutrition
with Holistic Nutrition Consultant Katie Carter

Click to Play ~ Part 1, Part 2

December 2014

Intuitive Guidance
with Sahra

October 2013
with guest, Angel Light Reader Verlyn McGilvray
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November 2013
with guest Dinny Evans, Radical Wellbeing Coach
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December 2013
Energetic Intentions with Sahra
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