I Care...

Success Stories

SG:  I have experienced a number of deep shifts having worked with Sahra since I first met her.

AH:  I definitely felt the post session "aura" or "glow"

TC:  My session with you was so eye opening for me.  I really appreciate how you guided me in moving through the suffering by simply choosing.   I now have a tool that is sooooooo simple to use whenever I feel overwhelmed, unsafe, guilty, afraid, small, lost.

W:  "I was in pain, depressed, and dealing with addictive behaviors. In working together, I experienced some immediate relief, and it was as if a doorway opened for me with enough light to come in so that I could feel the possibility for more permanent relief. Now I feel hope."

RK:  I had a phone session from Sahra.  Everything that I knew needed to be healed on me she psychically picked up and did her healing.  She was deeply in tune and knew exactly where to go!  I felt so much better after the session.  Thank you Sahra for your healing magick!

EB:  Sahra is an amazing person who can connect you with your inner self and with your body to help you become more of who you are.  She connects me positively with my energy and feelings.  She is pragmatic and business-oriented, yet personal and personable.