Playing in the physical...

Your body is the vehicle that delivers your Self, to yourself.  It is the vessel of our spirit energy, our life force.  When your body is injured or unhealthy, your spirit may be challenged.  If your spirit is troubled, your body may end up weakened as well.  You know there's a way to heal; you just haven't found it yet.  You seek:

    • Freedom from pain
    • Easy, comfortable movement
    • Deep relaxation
    • More Joy!

Pain is your spirit knocking on your body, asking for an energy shift.  Intuitive Bodymind Therapy can empower you to open the door to transformation and healing of acute and chronic energy blockages which cause issues like these:

    • migraines and headaches
    • neck and back pain
    • musculo-skeletal

Myofascial Release (MFR) eliminates pain and rebalances the body by elongating and unwinding restricted tissue.  Muscle motion and stuck old patterns are freed through techniques that are deep in effect but with minimal discomfort!

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) is a very gentle non-massaging technique for balancing the central nervous system.  Deeply relaxing and restorative, CST helps you to let go from the inside out.  It may be used to ease chronic pain and stress in both body and mind by finding and switching off physical and emotional trigger points.

Visceral Manipulation (VM) helps to improve structural imbalances at the core (around internal organs like liver, intestines, heart); this can ease stress to all related areas.

Sahra is a skilled and thoroughly trained practitioner of these and other therapies for over 20 years.  Myofascial opens; Cranio-Sacral engages; Visceral allows.  Your hands-on healing session may draw from a big "toolbox" of other techniques such as Reiki and vocal sound toning as well.  Along with Joy Coaching, each is a beneficial adjunct to support Playing in Joy!